Get your life back.

A partnership solution for successful chiropractor and therapist owners.

Practice Ownership not quite what you expected?

You want the freedom that’s supposed to come with owning your own practice. But, the more successful your practice becomes, the more tied down you feel.

You get to treat how you want.

But, you have less time to see patients.

You aren’t told what to do.
But, every decision rides on your shoulders.
You can work whenever you choose.
But, you find it almost impossible to get away.
You can earn more as an owner.

But, you can’t shake the lingering fear of losing it all.


Running your own practice should give you life, not drain you of it.

doctor and patient at chiropractic pt partnership spine and rehab

There’s a fresh option for doctor owners.

Gone are the days of working for someone else. It was nice for the pressure to weigh on someone else’s shoulders, but it’s hard to consider giving up the freedom. Still, we know how daunting it is to keep up the momentum of running your own show.

That’s why we offer a middle ground—a desperately needed space for chiropractor and therapist owners to do more of what they love and share the stuff they don’t, without selling out.

Let’s break it down.



We invest capital in your practice.

After a few initial conversations and a thorough valuation, we may make you an offer to buy into your practice. Here’s the thing: We won’t make an offer unless we see an opportunity for you to earn more. Period.


We invest resources in your practice.

As an active partner, we’ll unlock a full suite of shared services that optimize operational efficiency in billing, revenue cycle, recruiting, staffing, HR, marketing, finance, payroll, technology, and everything else your practice needs.


We invest in your vision for your practice.

Your practice remains your practice. We only partner with those doing something really right, so how you care for patients won’t change. You’ll simply have the backing of a team to enjoy more of the freedom you’ve earned.

Explore the possibility.

Start with a no-pressure call with our team where we can both scope things out to see if we’re a fit.

“Spine & Rehab Partners has made my life, my practice AND my personal life so much better, because there are aspects of running the practice like billing or HR that I am no longer solely responsible for. There’s a team supporting me and I get to focus on patient care, which is why
I do what I do.”


Chiropractor & Owner Partner

“Having SRP available to help take that load off and [things] just get done …you can focus more on your clinic and your patients.”


Chiropractor & Owner Partner

“[Joining SRP] has been a tremendous enhancement to me as a person and to my practice, because of the things that they’ve been able to take off of my shoulders. … managing payroll, billing… all of the extraneous activities that go along with managing a practice and a business. [With] my focus back to patient care, I’m a pretty happy guy.”


Chiropractor & Owner Partner

We Won’t Forget:

You’re in charge.

As a partner who wants us both to win, we’ll simply supercharge the efficiency of your practice with all our industry-leading resources. You get:

Billing & Collections

Claims submission, accounts receivables, and appeals process


Strategy, vendor relationships, and ROI tracking

Financial Services

Bookkeeping, accounts payables, and employee payroll

Human Resources

Recruiting, benefits, and compliance


Clinical CE, customer service, and leadership development


In-network contracts and monitoring license expiration dates


Medical supplies, equipment, and business needs

IT/Tech Support

Remote and on-site support, installations and upgrades, and phone/AV/surveillance solutions

…to name a few.

Let’s talk about the rest.

It’s not an easy decision.



How do I make money?

There are a number of ways for owners to earn as much as they like. The most common ways include: clinical production, ownership distributions, and recruitment & sourcing bonuses. You can also open more practices! We can walk that journey with you as well, everything from loans to staffing, we’re your partner along the way. There are additional investment opportunities available exclusively to our owner partners that we can offer to you.

Do I have to change the name of my practice?

No. We want to maintain the local brand you have built. In fact, this partnership should be “undetectable” to your patients. Unless they start noticing you’re getting more sleep and things are running smoother around the practice, we’d love for them to notice those changes. If you are interested in discussing changing your practice name we can walk you through the rebranding process and help with everything from domain purchase to signage procurement.

If we partner, who calls the shots?

You. Always you! We are your business partner, and will make recommendations based on the data we know to be true that can affect your bottom line. But at the end of the day, you call the shots.

How does this partnership make sense for you?

Financially…The practice will pay a competitively priced monthly fee for the Spine & Rehab Partners suite of services. But remember, we are also buying into your practice as your partner. When your practice is more profitable (like we are confident it can be) you win, and we share in that success. But our goals are bigger than that. We believe clinicians in the chiropractic and physical therapy space deserve more. And bringing more balance to your life, more success to your practice and more respect and opportunity to the profession more broadly is really our driving force.

Is this really a better option than working for someone else?

If you are a motivated leader interested in maintaining clinical autonomy and achieving your highest earning potential, then yes. Although, there are some clinicians who are more comfortable working for someone, or it may be the wrong time in their career. We respect where every clinician is, and trust they are able to make the right decision for their life and career

Can I talk with some of your current partners?

Absolutely! We have a number of partner owners who always make time to connect with potential partners. They are also the network of peer support you’ll be a part of if you join us.

More questions? Let’s discuss.

As a partner, you also gain a community.

It’s lonely at the top. The old adage is pretty spot on, isn’t it? We think so. It’s why we love that all our owners get to lean on one another, make each other better, and simply enjoy the process a whole lot more.

So, bottom line: It might make sense to work together and it might not. Either way, we’re happy to connect with others interested in making our profession better.


How Our Partners Earn More

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